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The Honolulu-Pacific Federal Executive Board Supports the Hawai'i Says NO MORE Campaign  

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 2015, 59th ANNUAL EXCELLENCE IN FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AWARDS CEREMONY, 1 MAY 2015.  The Excellence in Federal Government Awards program recognizes outstanding federal employees for their efforts, leadership and/or initiative.  The program encourages innovations and excellence in government, reinforces pride in federal service, and helps call public attention to the broad range of services provided by federal employees.

Award Guidelines and Submission   
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OPM TO ROLL OUT NEW WORKFORCE INITIATIVE OPM has launched a new initiative on recruitment, engagement, diversity, and inclusiveness (REDI) called the REDI Roadmap.  The REDI Roadmap is designed to ensure that we are using the latest data-driven expertise, digital tools, and collaborative partnerships to build a Federal workforce that is talented, well trained, and engaged in the workplace.  For more information visit 

AMERICA'S PREPAREATHON!!! THURSDAY, 30 APRIL 2015, 3RD DAY OF ACTION Despite multiple campaigns and awareness efforts, a large percentage of Americans have not performed preparedness actions to increase their personal safety in the events of a disaster or emergency.  "America's PreparAthon" build on the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) Ready Program, by adding a focused national call to action for individuals and organizations to take simple, specific actions to increase their preparedness for a potential disaster.  Click on the links below to view OPM Director, Katherine Archuleta's memo and view FEMA's Ready.Gov site.&;

America's PrepareAthon memo



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