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OPM TO ROLL OUT NEW WORKFORCE INITIATIVE OPM has launched a new initiative on recruitment, engagement, diversity, and inclusiveness (REDI) called the REDI Roadmap.  The REDI Roadmap is designed to ensure that we are using the latest data-driven expertise, digital tools, and collaborative partnerships to build a Federal workforce that is talented, well trained, and engaged in the workplace.  For more information visit 

OPM DISCONTINUE ISSUING MEMORANDUMS REGARDING WHETHER CONFERENCES QUALIFY AS TRAINING ACTIVITIES IAW 5 CFR 410.404 Effective immediately, OPM is discontinuing its practice of issuing memoranda regarding whether conferences qualify as a training activity.  OPM is discontinueing this practice to make clear that agencies are responsible for their employee's training and development as provided by the statute.  Read OPM Director Katherine Archuleta's full memorandum.

SMARTER IT DELIVERY SCHEDULE A HIRING AUTHORITY OPM is authorizing the use of excepted-service appointments under 5 CFR 213.3102(i)(3) to address the need for hiring digital services staff to support the President's Management Agenda's Smarter Information Technology (IT) Delivery Initiative.  The President declared the need for a Smarter IT Delivery Initiative to transform the way Government builds and buys IT and fundamentally improve the way that Government delivers technology services to the public.  Read OPM Director Katherine Archuleta's full memorandum.

MODERNIZING FEDERAL LEAVE POLICIES FOR CHILDBIRTH, ADOPTION AND FORSTER CARE TO RECRUIT AND RETAIN TALENT AND IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY In the President's January 20, 2015 State of the Union address he mentioned this memorandum and his belief that all employees, including the Federal Governemtn, should support parents to ensure that they can contribute fully in the workplace, while also meeting the needs of their families.  Read the full memorandum.

OPM Handbook for Leave and Workplace Flexibilities for Childbirth, Adoption, and Foster Care 

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